Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bhutanese Textiles - The Kira

I love the Bhutanese textile, purely for the reason that they are all handwoven. A good piece can, believe it or not, take more than a year to complete!! There is a variety out there and I am a big supporter/aficionado of the kira. The kira is worn by women and can range from plain ones for daily wear to really fantastic colorful ones for weddings and special occasions. As they are handwoven, it's extremely difficult to copy or imitate. Some Kiras are woven with gold and silver threads as well. This can also be a painful task for the weaver, as the yarn can break. One can rest assured that the kira they have is completely unique. Most families will own traditional, unique kiras handed down over generations. The Kiras of Bhutan, truly an art and a pride to wear.